How Restaurants in Lima Are Using Tucupí Negro : New Worlder

Those that read this site regularly know that I’m a big fan of tucupí negro (also called ají negro, or tucupí preto in Brazil), a fermented and reduced sauce produced by many indigenous Amazonian communities. This ancestral food product was believed to have no monetary value, but over the last several years, the culinary community has discovered it and demand is growing.

In Peru, Malabar and ámaZ chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino and his NGO Despensa Amazónica, have been working with the Bora-Huitito community of Pucaurquillo to develop a commercial version of tucupí negro, which is being sold in stylish 200-milliliter bottles, as well as creating a network of restaurants to buy the product and experiment with it. This act is changing the economy of this community and as word spreads other Amazonian communities are following their lead.

None of this matters if no one realizes how delicious tucupí negro is and doesn’t buy it, however. So, to create awareness, 20 of the best restaurants around Lima are serving dishes made with tucupí negro throughout the month of November. Here are some of the examples of what they’ll be serving:

Wild paiche with tucupí BBQ at áMaz

Sudado de paiche with tucupí negro at Lima 27

Prawns in tucupí negro escabeche at Astrid y Gastón

Shiitake risotto with tucupí negro at Matría

Scallop and tucupí nigiri at Maido / Duck Magret in a tucupí negro and banana sauce with masato farina and heart of palm at La Niña

The full list of restaurants participating in Lima’s El Mes del Tucupí:

Header image of smoked eggplant with tucupí negro from Mayta.