In 2016, my friend and co-founder Marie Elena Martinez and I, began asking why there wasn’t a travel or food publication that responsibly covered the entirety of the Americas in a way that appealed to both an American and a Latin American audience. While a story occasionally appeared in an international newspaper, travel or food magazine, most of the localized reporting rarely made it out of its region of origin. The restaurant of a famous Latin American chef might be covered and generate some healthy buzz, but if you wanted to know more about the farmers, fishermen, kitchen staff, winemakers, brewers, conservationists, and others that helped make that restaurant successful, you were out of luck. Outside of large American hotel chains and operators moving south, it was rare to read about local Latin American travel in a way that felt entirely authentic. There were many stories, important stories, that weren’t being told. They still aren’t. New Worlder was created to help fill this void. The site moves away from top-ten and best of lists, offering a more comprehensive looking glass into the many culinary and travel stories happening around us, and impacting our daily lives.   Nicholas Gill

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