Episode #11: Laura Lazzaroni

The New Worlder Podcast

I first met Laura Lazzaroni  at Casadonna Reale, Niko Romito’s fine dining temple in Abruzzo, Italy. She had written a book with Romito, 10 lezioni di cucina, which I highly recommend if you can read Italian. Not long after we were reunited in Peru, when the two of them came to Central for the Gelinaz! Shuffle, for which I was the ambassador. I’ve come to really respect her work in Italy, which strives to show a different aspect of Italian cuisine, beyond the grandmothers making pasta and Massimo Bottura. She recently wrote the cookbook The New Cucina Italiana: What to Eat, What to Cook, and Who to Know in Italian Cuisine today, from Rizzoli Books, which we talk about here. She’s also an incredible baker, working extensively with heritage grains, and also has a bread book forthcoming, which we also discuss. It’s a fun conversation. Have a listen. – Nicholas Gill