Sapodilla-Braised Goat : New Worlder

“In this recipe, the balance of a spicy curry rub and the brown sugar-like flavor of the sapodilla fruit pairs well with the naturally ‘wild’ flavor of goat. It’s best to buy the goat in large pieces, 6-8 ounces, on the bone. The connective tissue tends to make the goat tough when not on the bone and chopped up into smaller portions. The larger pieces also allow for a nice, slow roast, making them tender and able to absorb the rub. The other key is to sear the goat on all sides first in order to toast the spice rub before the goat is roasted. This also locks in moisture”- Chef Kriss Wessel

Recipe as featured in story Miami Embraces the Greatness of Goat by Jen Karetnick.