Pressed Cuban Sandwich : New Worlder

“The Cuban sandwich is basically a ham and cheese sandwich on crack. The key difference at Pilar Cuban Eatery is our house mojo-marinated roast pork full of citrus, garlic and spices. Just as important is the bread, which ideally is Cuban bread – a white, very airy and pillowy bread with a very thin outer crust that is ideal for pressing. You won’t likely be able to find Cuban bread outside of Miami so the closest thing is an Italian roll or Puerto Rican breads. Make sure to use the best quality smoked ham you can get, preferably not deli meats. A good option is spiral ham available at most supermarkets. Avoid fancy charcuterie like Serrano ham or prosciutto. You also need a good Swiss cheese. Regular yellow mustard is best rather than Dijon or a grainy mustard as you need the acidity from the yellow mustard.” – Ricardo Barreras