Tasting Menu: Gustu, May 2016 : New Worlder

The La Paz restaurant Gustu, the centerpiece of the Claus Meyer’s Melting Pot Foundation in Bolivia, has continued to evolve since opening two years ago. Kamilla Seidler’s latest tasting menu is clearly evident of that. Much of the same kitchen team is in place, which includes former students of the original Gustu class, but the restaurant now has built an entire network of suppliers that extends to remote indigenous hunting and fishing villages in the Altiplano and Amazon. They’ve not only discovered new products, but have created supply chains around them and have helped them enter a wider market. Note: This menu, served during Tambo Amazonico, is a preview of an upcoming seasonal offering, so some dishes will likely change.

Pan de Laja con Mousse de Pato / Laja Bread with Duck Mousse

Anticucho con Ají de Maní / Anticucho with Peanut Ají

Jamón de Pato con Chuño / Duck ham with Chuño

Ají de Lengua / Beef Tongue Ají

Caviar de Amaranto, Almendra Amazónico y Limón / Amaranth Caviar, Amazonian Almonds and Lime. Pairing: NV Rosé, Osadía, Tarija

Plátano Caramelizado con Bagre Ahumado y Col Bruselas / Carmelized Banana with Smoked Catfish and Brussel Sprouts. Pairing: Singani, Coco y Plátano

Trigo Perla con Kallampa Encurtido en Vinagre de Plátano / Pearl wheat with wild mushrooms brined in banana vinager. Pairing: 2015 Chardonnay, La Concepción, Tarija

Manitas de Cordero con Nata y Pimienta Molle / Lamb trotters with Nata and Pink Peppercorns. Pairing: Barley Wine, Niebla, La Paz

Pato con Oca, Kimchi, y Miel Fermentda / Duck with Oca, Kimchi, and Fermented Honey. Pairing: 2014 Cab. S., Marquez de la Viña, Cochabamba


Choco-Maní / Chocolate-Peanut

Tiras de Naranja, Sorbete de Pomelo y Mandarina / Orange wedges, Grapefruit and Mandarin Sorbet. Pairing: 2014 Moscatel “Dulce Natural”, Kohlberg, Tarija

Macaron con Helado de Fruta de Café y Croustillant de Castaña / Macaron with Coffee Fruit Ice Cream and Brazil Nut Croustillant. Pairing: Café Frio y Singani San Pedro.

Tartaleta de Arroz con Leche, Marshmallow de Api, and Chocolate con Quinoa y Naranja / Arroz con Leche Tart, Api Marshmallow, Chocolate with Quinoa and Orange.


Calle 10 #300
La Paz, Bolivia