Editorial Guidelines : New Worlder

Editorial Guidelines

We’re not interested in a taco that has the most buzz. We are interested in why it has the most buzz and the conversation surrounding it. We want strong angles and in depth ideas that are well researched and show your expertise on a subject. Most importantly, don’t dumb things down for an American audience!

During our launch phase, we will be accepting pitches in the following categories (below), but we’re open to your ideas and your input, as our launch is just a jumping-off-point for coverage. We’re interested in the stories coming out of the Americas that aren’t being told. We want to be cutting-edge and creating conversation, not following trend. We’re not looking for restaurant criticism, product reviews, and/or listicles of any kind. And yes, we do pay!

About Photos…

For all pitches, please identify if high-res photos (or artwork) is available. While we won’t be paying extra for photos initially, good photos increase the likelihood we’ll accept a pitch. Though please feel free to pitch us without photos; we have resources for sourcing photos, when necessary.

About Recipes…

When it feels organic, we’re always looking to enhance our recipe collection. Recipes are not our site’s primary driver, but we are keen to include recipes from chefs and regions where it adds significance to a story. Please let us know when accompanying recipes are available.

Please send all pitch queries to: thenewworlder@gmail.com