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This fall, some of the world’s best chefs are sharing their stories, their food philosophies, and their culinary talents with eager and hungry food enthusiasts. Notably, many of the books this season are dedicated to remembering the journey and honoring years of hard work: Alice Waters, for instance, releases a long awaited memoir, and iconic American restaurants like The Publican, Moosewood, and Eleven Madison Park, are celebrating their years of gastronomic successes in print. First time cookbooks from Chile’s Rodolfo Guzmán and Sioux Chef Sean Sherman make our list, as well as cookbooks from beloved institutions such as Guerrilla Tacos and L.A.’s Grand Central Market.

The books below are listed by publication date, and while you’ll soon see cookbook recipes excerpted on our recipe page, for now, you can pre-order your copies on Amazon by clicking the corresponding links.

Bäco: Vivid Recipes from the Heart of Los Angeles – Josef Centeno

A bäco is chef Josef Centeno’s original creation – a signature flatbread sandwich delivering vivid flavors to diners at Centeno’s L.A. neighborhood locale Bäco Mercat. Drawing extensively from his multicultural heritage, and executing his food with the nuanced skill honed at restaurants like three-starred Daniel and Manresa, Centeno shares what he has been serving up in Los Angeles in the form of 130 conceptually exciting recipes. September 5; Amazon order here.




Coming to My Senses: The Making of a Counterculture Cook – Alice Waters

Undeniably, Alice Waters is one of the most important figures of the American food scene. Her philosophy on food and ingredients, her numerous cookbooks, her trail-blazing Chez Panisse, and her food activism have long inspired cooks and eaters alike. Water’s long-awaited memoir, Coming to My Senses, is a deeply personal account of her journey — from experiencing French food for the first time to becoming the meaningful culinary figurehead of today. Littered with recipes, letters, and photos, Waters finally tells her whole, wonderful story.  September 5; Amazon order here.


Cheers to the Publican, Repast and Present: Recipes and Ramblings from an American Beer Hall – Paul Kahan

Paul Kahan is Chicago’s bonafide pork and beer master. As a prominent and respected chef (who abhors the use of “Chef” in lieu of his name), Cheers to the Publican presents the hearty cuisine Kahan serves up daily in the Windy City with a narrative-rich cookbook doling out 150 recipes for salads, seafood, and of course, meat. September 19; Amazon pre-order here.



Rum: Shake, Muddle, Stir: Over 40 of the Best Cocktails for Serious Rum Lovers – Dan Jones

Rum is an integral part of America’s drinking history. While our forefathers loved the stuff, luckily the rums of today are infinitely better and more refined than those of past generations. In this book, rum-expert Dan Jones tells us where we can find the best of the best, introducing the country’s foremost rum producers, as well as easy-to-make recipes for classic cocktails, punches, and aperitifs. September 26; Amazon pre-order here.


The Moosewood Restaurant Table: 250 Brand-New Recipes from the Natural Foods Restaurant That Revolutionized Eating in America – The Moosewood Collective

The Moosewood Restaurant, the Ithaca, New York institution once deemed one of “America’s Most Influential Restaurants of the 20th Century” by Bon Appetit, is now entering its 44th year in business. Championing a natural eating philosophy, The Moosewood Collective continues to grow and experiment, keeping up with current gastro-trends proclaiming “We are an adventuresome bunch, we love to eat, and never let ourselves get bored when it comes to food.” After nearly five decades and 13 cookbooks, the collective shares their latest recipes.  September 26; Amazon pre-order here.


The Myrtlewood Cookbook: Pacific Northwest Home Cooking – Andrew Barton

The landscape and climate of the Pacific Northwest create an unparalleled home for undeniable beauty, and when considering food is home to unique ingredients and approaches to eating. Andrew Barton, the chef behind the Secret Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, cooks food that he feels exemplifies the region. His dishes are presented and photographed on plates, bowls, and boards made from the Myrtlewood tree found in the forests throughout the region, further connecting his food to a sense of place.  October 3; Amazon pre-order here.


Eleven Madison Park: The Next Chapter: Stories & Watercolors, Recipes & PhotographsDaniel Humm, Will Guidara

After being crowned #1 restaurant by World’s 50 Best, Eleven Madison Park promptly shut its doors to make room for a new interior and kitchen, as well as a more focused sense of self and hospitality. Before welcoming the restaurant back to life, this latest book reflects on the past eleven (of course!) years and the collaboration between chef Daniel Humm and partner Will Guidara through recipes, stories, photographs, and watercolor illustrations. October 3; Amazon pre-order here.



The Grand Central Market Cookbook: Cuisine and Culture from Downtown Los Angeles – Adele Yellin and Kevin West

Between the covers of The Grand Central Market Cookbook, over 85 distinctive recipes and wealth of vivid photographs transport readers and eaters to the stalls inside downtown L.A.’s Grand Central Market. The DTLA market, opened since 1917, is home to a plethora of authentic multicultural tastes celebrating the diversity of culture and cuisine of Los Angeles including Eggslut, McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream, La Tostadaria, and many others. October 3; Amazon pre-order here.


David Tanis Market Cooking: Recipes and Revelations, Ingredient by Ingredient – David Tanis

David Tanis is a chef that seeks out the purity and intensity of flavors by showcasing them in the simplest forms. An alum of Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse, the author of a number of excellent cookbooks, and voice behind the New York Time’s “City Kitchen” column, in his newest cookbook, Tanis zeroes in on market ingredients and breaks down their components to show readers what makes each unique and crave-worthy. Tanis then presents a host of multi-cultural preparations for each – built on the principles of simplicity, intuition, and spontaneity– for cooks to make at home.  October 3; Amazon pre-order here.


America: The Cookbook – Gabrielle Langholtz

Melting-pot America is home to a wealth of recipes, traditions, and customs ushered in by waves of settlers and immigrants. America: The Cookbook is an ambitiously-researched compendium from Edible Manhattan‘s Editor Gabrielle Langholtz that celebrates the nuances of America’s food heritage in the form of 800 regionally treasured recipes. October 9; Amazon pre-order here.



Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook – Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu

Cherry Bombe, a biannual publication dedicated to women in food, is set to release its first cookbook featuring over 100 recipes from some of the culinary industry’s top talents. Between the covers, readers will find recipes from Jessica Koslow of Sqirl, Elizabeth Pruitt of Tartine, Christina Tosi of the Milk Bar Empire, and Amanda Cohen, chef/owner of Dirty Candy.  Importantly, Cherry Bombe asked these chefs and entrepreneurs for their most meaningful recipes – so beyond good food, the cookbook is meant to be powerful and inspirational.  October 10; Amazon pre-order here.


The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen – Sean Sherman

Outside the kitchen, Oglala Lakota chef Sean Sherman is also well-versed in agricultural farming, foraging, hunting, salt and sugar making, as well as in food preservation – and his food reflects this expertise. As the “Sioux Chef,” many of Sherman’s dishes are devoted to Native American food preparations within a contemporary framework. In his first cookbook, Sherman shares his tremendous knowledge using ingredients found in America’s midwestern states of Minnesota and North Dakota. October 10; Amazon pre-order here.



Guerrilla Tacos: Recipes from the Streets of L.A. – Wesley Avila

The world of fine dining collides with the humble and delicious taco on chef Wes Avila’s beloved L.A. taco truck, Guerrilla Tacos. Coming from some of the world’s best kitchens and drawing from his own Mexican heritage, Avila creates unique and expressive dishes worthy of his experience, using a tortilla to deliver the goods. A wonderful must-own for the taco-crazed home cook.  October 10; Amazon pre-order here.



wd~50: The Cookbook – Wylie Dufresne

When Chef Wylie Dufresne opened wd~50 on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, he ushered in a revolutionary way of thinking about cooking: a marriage of science, art, and of course, flavor.  This cookbook serves as a memoir of sorts, detailing Dufresne’s iconic creations and gastronomic influence coupled with stories and photographs of the final days in business. October 17;  Amazon pre-order here.



Catalonia: Spanish Recipes from Barcelona and Beyond – José Pizarro

In Catalonia, renowned chef José Pizarro shows readers how to create some of his favorite dishes from the eponymous region of Spain. Through expert recipes and photography, Pizarro hopes to transport readers to the markets of Barcelona, to the Costa Brava, and the far stretches of the region, inspiring readers to make these traditional Spanish dishes at homeOctober 17; Amazon pre-order here.



Brindisa: The True Food of Spain – Monika Linton

Founded in 1988, Brindisa is a renowned Spanish fine food import company with a brick and mortar in London’s Borough Market and six other tapas restaurants of the same name. Now a cookbook, Brindisa: The True Food of Spain is a comprehensive, companion guide to what goes into to classic Spanish dishes, but more importantly, tells the stories of the ingredients themselves, where they come from, and the people that produce them.  October 17; Amazon pre-order here.


State Bird Provisions: A Cookbook  Stuart Brioza

San Francisco’s Michelin-starred State Bird Provisions was born out of a single quail recipe – California’s Official State Bird – and has since grown into a lauded spot with a menu offering modern California fare with Japanese influences.  In their debut cookbook, chef-owners Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski share original dishes like Potato Chips with Crème Fraiche and Cured Trout Roe, Black Butter-Balsamic Figs with Wagon Wheel Cheese Fondue, and of course, their signature quailOctober 24; Amazon pre-order here.



Boragó: Coming From the South – Rodolfo Guzmán

Ranked the #42 by World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Boragó – one of Latin America’s most avant-garde spots – is helmed by the brilliant Rodolfo Guzmán. Known to imagine and execute over 500 highly unique recipes (like vegetable “cheese”) each year from native Chilean products he finds foraging on the seaside or in the wild Atacama desert, this cookbook is a narrative of Guzmán’s creative process, showcasing sketches and photographs of his adventures interwoven between 100 recipes chosen from Guzmán’s menus.  November 6; Amazon pre-order here.


Bread is Gold – Massimo Bottura

Chef Massimo Bottura wants to feed the world – but not just at his ever-booked Osteria Francescana. Over the past few years, Bottura has used the power of his influence to feed those in need while reducing food waste. From his Rio Olympics soup kitchen to his pop-up in London, Bottura’s Food for Soul project has fellow chefs preparing thoughtful meals. Bread is Gold brings his mission into homes, turning “wasted” ingredients into creative and nutritious meals. With the help of friends like Alain Ducasse, Daniel Humm, and Enrique Olvera, Bottura helps home cooks transform on-hand ingredients into easy-to-make, economical meals. November 6; Amazon pre-order here.


Andina: The Heart of Peruvian Food: Recipes and Stories from the Andes – Martin Morales

Known as an ambassador of Peruvian food in London, Martin Morales is the self-taught chef behind restaurant Ceviche Soho, the star of YouTube’s “Martin’s Peruvian Kitchen,” and the author of the cookbook Ceviche. In his follow up, Andina, he explores the Andes region through recipes, sharing over 120 of them using Peru’s treasured ingredients like maca and quinoa. November 7; Amazon pre-order here.


Meyer’s Bakery: Bread and Baking in the Nordic Kitchen – Claus Meyer

Claus Meyer is the restaurateur behind Copenhagen’s Noma, Bolivia’s experimental Gustu, New York City’s Agern tucked inside Grand Central Terminal, and Meyer’s Bageri bakery in Brooklyn. His acumen and eye for culinary excellence are unparalleled, and in his newest cookbook, Meyer explains, step-by-step, how to bake good bread and confections at home with detailed instructions, photographs for 80 tried-and-tested recipes. November 7; Amazon pre-order here.




Where to Drink Coffee – Avidan Ross and Liz Clayton

Exploring 600 spots in 50 different countries, Where to Drink Coffee is the ultimate insider’s guide to finding excellent coffee. Authors Avidan Ross and Liz Clayton consulted 150 baristas and coffee experts, begging them for their secrets and go-to cups. Replete with tips, reviews, and maps to help readers find the best coffee in different corners of the globe, this book is for all fans of the mighty bean. November 20; Amazon pre-order here.